Thursday 10.06.16

MUSIC: Amber Martin’s ‘A.M. Gold’

Amber Martin is a dear friend to GAYLETTER. We have written about her performances at Joe’s Pub and with Nath Ann Carrera as part of Witch Camp. Amber even performed as Reba McEntire at one of our Pride Balls. She is immensely talented and super sweet. She reached out to us recently to inform us about the release of her new album, A.M. Gold, at Joe’s Pub this Thursday night (October 6). The album features “special guests Jake Shears and Kate Bornstein, as well as NYC players Claudia Chopek, Nath Ann Carrera, Paul Leschen and Brett Every. Also, two of the songs will be featured in John Cameron Mitchell’s forthcoming movie, How To Talk To Girls At Parties, with Nicole Kidman and Elle Fanning. (“Bermuda” and “Bright Lights, Long Shadows”)". Thursday night is your first chance to hear the new album. Considering the talented people involved in it, I’m sure it’ll be a night filled with famous faces and unforgettable performances. Amber never disappoints!

$18, 9:00PM, Joe’s Pub, The Public Theater, 425 Lafayette St. NY, NY.


Friday 09.23.16

Event: MoMA PS1’s Back to School Benefit

This sounds nuts and bananas in all the right ways. Created by performance artist Ryan McNamara (pictured here making out with the wall), for one night only, he will turn MoMA PS1 into a high school. “Across MoMA PS1’s entirely empty galleries, artists will assume the stereotypical roles of moony art teachers, intimidating PE coaches, goths, jocks, and cheerleaders — but their activities will be anything but typical. Roam the hallways to enjoy participatory performance works, an open bar, and nostalgic childhood snacks, culminating with an epic dance party in the gymnasiums.” Artist involved include Morgan Bassichis, Claire Bishop, Nikki Columbus, FlucT, Nelly Furtado, Jessica Mitrani, Sam Roeck, Jacolby Satterwhite, Justin Strauss, and more. Yes, you read that name right, Nelly “I’m Like A Bird” Furtado is one of the performers. Ryan has been working with Nelly recently. At a party we went to at the Boom Boom Room during fashion week, Ryan choreographed the dancers that performed behind her. It was super cute. Can’t wait to see what she does at MoMA.

$125, 7:00PM, MoMA PS1, 22-25 Jackson Ave LONG ISLAND CITY, NY.


Sunday 09.18.16

Performance: The Meeting* Hosted by Justin Sayre

The last event for The Meeting was cancelled and it was meant to celebrate Beyoncé. But then a benefit for BLACK LIVES MATTER was also canceled and Justin Sayre (pictured) felt that he could do something to help. He wrote on his Facebook page: “I have long supported the BLM movement and thought that I would use the platform to aide in some way this movement that I care so deeply about. The Show on the 18th will not be your typical edition of The Meeting*, I will be there, making some jokes, and talking to you of course, but we are refocusing the night to include voices from the Broadway and Theatre community that care deeply about this issue. I’m sorry if anyone feels cheated, but I have to believe that even Beyonce would approve.” I personally think it’s OK to ignore Beyoncé for a minute, I mean miss queen B gets celebrated non-stop, online and in the real world, so it’s cool to take a break from her. For those of you that are not familiar with the monthly comedy variety show The Meeting  — it’s “the gathering of the International Order of Sodomites, the centuries-old organization which sets the mythic Gay Agenda…” It has been called “hilarious and sardonic” by The Village Voice. I can’t give you an accurate description of my experience because when I went I had too many martinis. I do remembered being entertained, but trust I was lit.

$20, 9:30PM, JOE’S PUB, 425 LAFAYETTE ST. NY, NY.


Thursday 09.08.16

Performance: EDDIE PEAKE – HEAD

Our dancer friend Eric Berey told us about this dance performance he’s a part of with “this really cool artist Eddie Peake.” He said it’s all about sex. We strongly believe that sex still sells, so were like, ok Eric tell me more. “Eddie Peake’s work fuses painting, sculpture, and musical and dance performance. He creates an artistic experience that builds on the history of these media to make a completely contemporary statement.” Eric also told me that they’ll be dancing “naked in body paint with live music.” He said that the event is gonna be “LIT af,” which if you know young millennial lingo means that it’s good. I asked him if people are gonna be having sex at this event, he told me “no, but it’s gonna be hot...don’t get too excited.” It's happening this Thursday, Friday and Saturday night — there’s 3 boys and 2 girls in the performance and here’s one more quote from their website: “Peake creates episodic performances in which bodies might switch between being seen as sculptural objects or complex human subjects, and in which emotions such as desire, jealousy, shame or power are played out using surreal or unexpected signifiers such as colored body paints or animal costumes.” Got it! We’re sold Eric.



Saturday 09.03.16

Performance: Billy Lloyd at Joe’s Pub

London-based queer electronic musician and vocalist Billy Lloyd is back in NYC for a performance at Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater, one of our favorite places to see shows. When Earl Dax interviewed Billy for GAYLETTER he used the pronoun “he” but I just noticed on the Public Theatres’ site they use “they.” I don’t know which one I should use, so I’m not going to use either. I’ll just call Billy, Billy. In 2014  2014, Billy released Billy’s first self-produced EP ‘Who ( / ).' Cut to 2016 and Billy has released ‘Who ( /// )’ the 3rd instalment in the trilogies of EPs. Billy’s music is very relaxing. It’s introspective and often very haunting. Billy’s cover of David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ is like floating on a cloud with an IV of Xanax in the arm. Billy is performing for one night only. We suggest you go see Billy. It’ll be good for your blood pressure!

$12, 9:00PM, JOE’S PUB AT The Public Theater, 425 Lafayette St. NY, NY.


Saturday 08.27.16


We were in Fire Island last weekend and it was super crowded, that wasn’t a good thing as it’s always more relaxing with less people, but I guess if you don’t have to go to the only supermarket there, or the overpriced wine shop or to the “cafeteria,” then you can prob just chill at your house by the pool and ignore the crowds. I mean it was so basic there, this white man yelled at us because we were complaining that there were too many white generic men on the island: “If you’re gonna talk shit about white people in front of me I have to speak up!” he spat at us. I mean what an idiot. Now that I’ve let that out, I am so glad that this weekend BOFFO is throwing their second annual Fire Island Performance Festival on the island — they really need some culture there. Their program is very good. Some of the performers include Tyler Ashley, Xavier Cha with Rafael Reynoso and Adonis Vasquez, Eartheater, Fluct, Fragile (Wolfgang Tillmans), M. Lamar, Pearl (from RuPaul’s Drag Race), Casey Spooner, Ssion and many more. Expect “a weekend of performance, music, and dance made for the island’s unique social and geographic context.” We’re big fans of Wolfgang Tillman’s work and excited to hear about his “live band project” ‘Fragile’. It was founded in 1983 and will return at the festival 33 years later. It “involves musicians from three continents in varying constellations... I’d say if you are not already there, browse the schedule, take a day trip, bring some greens and try to ignore the basics!


Wednesday 08.03.16

Performance: Lo Down Loretta Brown aka Erykah Badu

I don’t even know where to start...I mean, I read the title for this event and I nearly started to cry — they had me at DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown. That is about as good a DJ name as they come. The woman behind that name is of course the genius herself, Erykah Badu (pictured) aka Fatbellybella aka Serra Bellum aka Maria Mexico aka Annie aka Analog Girl in the Digital World…need I go on? The woman is a living legend and as fun as they come, her social media presence is more entertaining than most artists half her age. Supported by Natasha Diggs and Rashad Smith, Ms. Badu will spin the ones and twos until the wee hours of Thursday morning. Most tickets have sold out, but there are still some left in the $25-$30 range. Snap them up queen, this is one event you do not want to miss.

$15-$30, 10:00OM, OUTPUT, 74 Wythe Avenue BK, NY.


Friday 07.29.16

Performance: Mx. Bond’s House of Whimsy

When GAYLETTER’s patron saint Mx. Justin Vivian Bond has a new show we always get excited. Recommending anything V does is a no-brainer. You will never be disappointed seeing a Mx. Bond show, and this one sounds perfect. The House of Whimsy is “an alluring, edgy, and irreverent evening of divas and deviants from the downtown performance scene — selected and introduced by Mx. Bond. Established Spiegeltent favorites mingle with talented newcomers in a program of variety acts that will ravish, provoke, and astound. Scheduled to appear: Dane Terry, PWR BTTM, Severely Mame, Julie Atlas Muz & Mat Fraser, Kate Bornstein, Big Dipper, Angela Di Carlo, Slanty Eyed Mama, Nath Ann Carrera and Janani Balasubramanian.” Even without Justin that is one hell of a line-up. Don’t miss it!



Tuesday 07.19.16

Boys of a Certain Age

Dan Fingerman's play offers hope amidst our flimsy times

I never thought I’d be genuinely excited to live out my inevitable fate of becoming a bitter old gay man, but, Dan Fingerman’s Boys of a Certain Age has done just that. In Fingerman’s new play, the breakout star is clearly R. Scott Williams’s “Uncle Ira.” Equal parts sad and sassy, Ira’s bitchy quips and outdated references will instantly make him your new favorite person (fictional or real).


BOYS OF A CERTAIN AGE is part of the Fresh Fruit Festival going on right now in New York City. Directed by Dan Dinero, it stars our friend Marc Sinoway alongside Brian Gligor, and Joseph J. Menino. The story revolves around four gay men of different ages as they grapple with their sexual, religious and political identities. There’s something for everyone, and sadly the politically correct hipster who can’t get his writing career off the ground and uses sarcasm to keep people at a distance was a tad more relatable than I’d have liked.


The play takes place over one weekend spent at an unnamed beach town outside of the City. The men come to a head as they delve into their collective past and try to make sense of their future. Fingerman does a great job of addressing the generational divide on issues such as the gay rights movement and AIDS. The show also deals with the complicated issues of friendships between gay men and gay self-hatred. BOYS OF A CERTAIN AGE manages to be both funny and heartwarming, which is no easy feat. …

Thursday 07.07.16

Event: HOT! Festival

When a festival’s tagline reads “Theatre, music, dance, literature & homoeroticism for the whole family,” what more could you ask for? HOT! Festival is “the longest running LGBTQ festival in the world and has been a pioneer of queer arts & culture for 25 years.” This year, the festival returns to the intimate Dixon Place (their 2-for-1 shot & beer deal often advertised on the sidewalk always calls me...) This year, “Dixon Place commissioned artist Monstah Black’s HYPERBOLIC! The Last Spectacle is the centerpiece” for the festival,  but if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry, because the festival features new works every night, so enjoy all of the blank slates! There are a lot of things going up and they all sound fresh, queer, funny, resort, fall, winter, men’s, agender... you know the deal! HOT! Our friend Thomas Gibbons is premiering new work, ‘Every Man’s Home (Is His Wife’s Castle)’ July 7, at 7:30PM. He said: “This is very close to my heart. Lots of surprises that may include mullets, jockstraps, vernacular architecture, tennis, satisfyingly opaque objects and a middle aged woman in a middle aged woman costume.” Also to note some other showings: the homo-musical revue, ‘Gentleman Prefer Bottoms’; HOT! Festival vet, & sort-of-scary, ‘Dandy Darkly’, and so much more queer stuff. It’s suppose to start getting literally hot(!) outside, so air-conditioning and a show certainly won’t be a bad idea. Click here for more info.

Prices vary, Various times, Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie St. NY, NY.