Wednesday 02.12.20

Minna Tea Dance One Year Anniversary

With performances by Milk, West Dakota and Jiggly Caliente at No Bar at The Standard hotel, East Village

Wednesday 02.05.20

Dynasty turns 25!!!!!

With DJ Skype Williams and performances by Juku, Panthera, Mahal Kita and West Dakota

Sunday 02.02.20

Blew Velvet’s album release party — “Frankie”

The event took place in Bushwick at Rubulad — with guest performances by some of his friends Charlene Incarnate, Merlot, Bill Priss, Baby Love and Juku

Monday 01.13.20

(V)oops! Pageant Queen Edition

Featuring Juku, West Dakota, Magenta, Baby Love and DJ Dreamboi at The Vault

Monday 12.23.19

Bitch Nasty: The Rosemont 3 Year Anniversary

A star-studded celebration featuring the Dominican Doll Kandy Muse, Mocha Lite & West Dakota — With DJs DJ Hood, Hannah Lou & Ickarus. Plus, appearances by Baby Love, Magenta, Chiquitita & many more...

Friday 11.22.19

HAIROGRAPHY: Charlene Incarnate

Behind the scenes of GAYLETTER Issue 11


Behind the scenes of GAYLETTER Issue 11

HAIROGRAPHY: Thee Suburbia

Behind the scenes of GAYLETTER Issue 11


Behind the scenes of GAYLETTER Issue 11

Tuesday 11.12.19

Read My Lips: Rihanna!

An event presented by Nicky Ottav & Blake Deadly featuring Audrey Phoenix, Devo Monique, Elektra Lite, Jax, London Jae Precise, Magenta, Merrie Cherry, Neon Calypso, Suburbia, Vena Cava, Xaina X and Zavaleta at 3 Dollar Bill

Thursday 09.19.19

The Boulet Brothers

Hello uglies!

The Boulet Brothers, Swanthula and Dracmorda, are the delectably evil hosts of Dragula, a competitive reality show shining a light on the freakish corners of the drag world. As fans of the duo and their show, we had a few questions we were just dying to ask.


How did you become interested in the macabre? Any dark, early memories?
DRACMORDA: We have both been interested in darkness, mystery and magic since we can remember. It’s interesting you ask that, because we recently moved, and I came across a collage I made when I was in school — sort of like a dream board. Our personas today, and Dragula, are literally everything that was on that board. It was a mix of 1950s sci-fi movies, haunted houses, 1930s dark movie starlets, extreme avant garde fashion —  I mean it was literally Dragula.


How did you meet, and how did the Boulet Brotherhood begin? Do you have drag mother(s)? Who helped along the way?
DRACMORDA: Well, we don’t really do the drag family thing, so there are no mothers or daughters or thrice-removed cousins to speak of.
SWANTHULA: Much like the mythological story of Athena, who emerged from the forehead of Zeus, fully grown, the Boulet Brothers just appeared as completely realized beings.


Who are the Boulet Brothers separately? Who is Dracmorda and who is Swanthula, before the hair and makeup?
SWANTHULA: I have always felt that the great and powerful Oz’s fatal mistake was allowing anyone to see behind his curtain. …

Wednesday 09.18.19

Telfar celebrated Jemery O.Harris’ Slave Play with an after-party

The event was hosted by the Times Square Edition