A still from the video

Last Night, I Fell In Love

An exclusive premiere for Sister Mantos' latest video remix

We may or may not be under siege by a hurricane this July 4th weekend, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still get into a party mood, right? Just in time for the festivities, here’s an exclusive video premiere for LA artist Sister Mantos’ dirty disco track “Last Night (Mirror Mirror Remix)”. The video is composed entirely of splashy, colorful still images taken by NY-based director David Riley (who is also the DJ behind the remix), which fits Sister’s slice of bright, electronic funk perfectly. The remix is from last year’s UNK — Remixes, the entirety of which you can download for free on Mantos’ Bandcamp. Riley’s effervescent, elaborate video includes scenes of hand kissing, bananas wearing condoms, and some strategically placed papayas — AKA plenty of good, celebratory vibes all around.


Sister Mantos is a maven of queer synth and electronic music, and when combined with Mirror Mirror’s fragmented remix work, it’s clear there are only great things to come in the future from the both of them. This dancey, glossy video is a perfectly energetic start to your three day weekend, so get out there and find some indoor barbecues to go to so you can dance away all the fucked up American history we commemorate with fireworks each year.







Watch the exclusive premiere of ‘Last Night (Mirror Mirror Remix)’ below: