Wednesday 03.11.15

Hi, Mike

Mike is a 27 year old (he made a deal with himself to tell everyone that he’s 32) artist from Toronto. He grew up in Windsor, across the river from Detroit. Since 2011 he has lived in Montreal. He went to Graphic Design school and is a very talented illustrator and also an Instagram god. Yes his Instagram is Beyonce! The first time he had sex was when he was 18 and it was with a girl. He liked it, but it confused him a little… “I just love sex, and get turned on by girls too so I just enjoyed it, I never really had crushes on boys when I was younger, but knew I found them attractive and then the whole liking girls sexually confused me even if I knew I was interested in men.” In that same year he tried it with a boy. “Emotionally I only connect on a romantic level with guys…Sex is always better if there’s a bit of emotion.”


He’s single and his idea of a perfect date “would be a hangout that we don’t want to end so it just keeps evolving into different adventures.” He likes “someone funny, first, cute and smart. 
I don’t think I have a type, but if I look at my past it seems I like baby-faced boys
.” He doesn’t have age preferences, but he mostly dates young people. His drink of choice is “vodka, straight up, no ice, just a chase of water.”  


His beauty routine: “I go to the gym and just moisturize — I don’t even use soap to wash my face.

Thursday 02.12.15

Hi, Fernando

Fernando is a 23 year old from Uberlandia, Minas Gerais, in Brazil. He is currently in his last year of university studying Advertising and Marketing. He’s also a freelance photographer. He would like to study theater in the future because his dream career is to be an actor. Eventually he wants to move to a different city, “maybe Sao Paulo, or Rio or New York City.” He has never been with a girl and he told us he’s always known that he’s gay. At 15 he watched some porn that confirmed to him that he liked boys. He told us that he had sex with a guy for the first time when he was 19, he was his first boyfriend. He lives alone and is single at the moment. He speaks Portuguese, English and a little bit of Spanish.


He doesn’t have a specific type when it comes to guys or any age preference, “I like guys, haha” his only preferences is that the guy is taller than him and he has to be “sweet and funny…he has to make me laugh.” His favorite body part in others are the legs, “I love guys legs I don’t know why and I love big lips
 to kiss…” On himself he likes his eyes, “because they change color, 
sometimes they are very green, bright, sometimes they are darker.” His ideal date would be going to the beach with someone, “smoking a lot of pot and eating a lot of pizza…. …

Tuesday 12.16.14

Hi, Paul

Paul was born and raised in Oakdale, Long Island — he’s a senior in High School. He’s so far the youngest of our selfie boys but he’s already dating and all of that, sweet right? Paul is not a virgin, he even dated a few girls to experiment, but never had sex with them, so that makes him a gold star gay. He found out that he was gay when he was 15 and that’s when he told his parents — he couldn’t deny his attraction to Zayn Malick any longer. Shortly after that he meet his first boyfriend. He’s now single.


He’s hoping to become an english teacher when he “grows up.” His favorite part of his body is his butt “it’s nice lol” and in other guys he love arms. His idea of a perfect date “would be going to a coffee shop and walking around NYC.” He told me he prefers dating guys that are a few years older than him. “I like spanish guys. brown hair, brown eyes…I don’t like blondes or light eyes at all.” Interracial! His only beauty routine is dealing with his hair, which takes him a lot of time to get right, “some product, blow dry and hair spray.” He hates working out, “I go sometimes,” he prefers sleeping, it’s one of the things that makes him the happiest. I don’t blame him going to the gym can get boring.


We asked Paul to take a few selfies wearing our GAYLETTER t-shirt — here’s what he came up with. …

Monday 10.06.14

Hi, Will

Will is 24 years old and was born and raised in Nederland, Texas. He told me about when he first discovered he liked boys, “I can remember back in first grade having a little kid crush on a classmate, as little kids you play truth or dare, and I can remember this one day where my friend was dared to kiss this boy and so we made this huge deal of it and she finally kissed him and I remember watching and thinking I wanna do that!!! But with the boy… That’s when I knew something was up.” Will has a boyfriend: “I’m in love right now…”


His favorite body parts are his calf muscles, “being a dancer makes me have some real powerful legs and I’m very proud of my calves…” On another guy Will is attracted to “nice and strong arms, and the eyes — I’m all about getting lost deep into someone’s soul through their eyes. Is that creepy?” A perfect date for him would be a picnic in the park, “Some good conversation, a cheap glass of red wine and some Strawberry shortcake.”  He feels sexy when he’s dancing in his 6 inch black heels to Beyonce’s new album.


Will is currently a contestant on this season of America’s Next Top Model and apparently he’s the only gay model on the show, “I am really proud of myself for making it on the show and being the only proud gay man.” He told me that he really loved working with Tyra, she’s “the most amazingly fiercely perfect thing in the world! …

Wednesday 08.13.14

Hi, Jordan

Jordan is 29-years-old and originally from Southern California. He grew up in Los Angeles in a city called Rancho Cuacamonga. He is now living in Brooklyn, NY. He came to NYC almost 10 years ago to go to performance art school. He describes himself as a vocalist and performance artist. He realized he liked boys when he was in High School… “I had a really good friend, who is straight and was like a brother to me. I never felt anything romantic towards him but one night we went out for fast food and he acted like he was my boyfriend and pretended to pick a fight with me. I was so embarrassed and wouldn’t play along. I went home that night and was like, oh….” Sounds sweet.


For those of you that want a piece of Jordan, he’s not single, he has been dating a guy for a few months — they don’t live together, but they see each other often since they live close by. Jordan is a romantic boy when it comes to the perfect date, “I like romantics — Not sorry about that — sunsets, walks around the city and conversations… But the perfect date is probably a trip somewhere. Camping or maybe Montreal…that place is incredible. It’s only 6 or 7 hours from NYC on a bus and there’s a million things to do from art, to nature, to nightlife, to extreme nightlife.”  His go-to cocktail is whiskey on the rocks. He keeps in good shape by doing cardio, lots of dancing, “never lifting too heavy…”


His favorite part of a man is his face, “a good face is a good face.” When it comes to his body he likes his height, “It’s not at all average,” and his lips “I like that my lips are a bit thin. …

Monday 07.14.14

Hi, Jemar

Jemar is a 22-year-old from Minneapolis, MN. He’s still living there, but he’s moving to LA at the end of the year. He went to California Institute of the Arts for a couple years to study Theater and Acting. “I’ve been acting since I was 14, my dream job is to be a sucessful actor…” He’s lived with his boyfriend for about 3-months now; they met at a photo shoot. His first sexual experience with a guy was when he was 15. “Most people think I’m straight when they meet me… I’m never afraid to correct them.”


When it comes what he likes it’s a boy who’s smart and motivated, “someone who has a drive to be a successful somebody and who’s into fitness.” Jemar works out about 5-6 times a week. His favorite part of his body is his butt, “beause it’s juicy and I can make it clap lol. I get great compliments on it.” That’s a great skill to have in 2014 with all the twerking competition out there. On other guys he likes a nice chest. Also, when it’s time to sleep he goes to bed naked.


His ideal date would be “during the day, maybe a day festival/fair or something with adrenaline, then maybe a nice dinner, then go out dancing…” 
His go-to cocktail is a Moscow Mule. He’s the most happy with the company of great friends, acting, working-out and good food. He enjoys being outdoors, he likes to frequent “any moving body of water. …

Tuesday 06.03.14

Hi, Connor

Connor is 22 years old and was born and raised in Minnesota. He moved to Los Angeles 4 years ago to attend UCLA where he studied theater. He’s now working as a junior creative associate at a reality TV production company — “basically brainstorming reality tv show concepts…” He also owns his own personal training company — it makes sense that Connor is in such great shape. In addition, he was also a gymnast when he was younger, then dancer, then diver. He’s working on his first major project this Summer, “I’m producing a web series I’ve been developing for a year or so…” I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


As far as he remembers, he’s always being into boys. “I always liked boys but I didn’t know that was actually something different with a name, gay, until I was past 12 or so.” Connor was officially “out” by the age of 15, “I had my first love then. My parents found out in a Valentine’s letter I wrote to my boyfriend and the whole thing kinda just unwound from there…”  He went to high school with this boy and was with him for one year, “I was a sophomore and he was a senior…We were so young it eventually just had to fizzle out.” He’s single at the moment. He’s into men that make him smile, men that are larger than him, “taller and more meaty in general — I love feeling safe…” The bigger the guy, the more he likes being “babe-d.”


His ideal date would be taken to a place his date really enjoys, or Costco because “it has a large majority of my favorite things: muffins, free food and some of the best people watching.” His favorite part of his body are his nipples, “they are so small and goofy looking, also, where the leg meets the torso, where the muscles fold over and produce a V or as I said call it ‘sex lines’…” He also loves his happy trail, I think a lot of us can agree with that. …

Friday 05.16.14

Hi, Alexandro

Alexandro is 25 years old and was born in Málaga, España. Just so you know we did this interview in spanish: he was more comfortable chatting in his native tongue. He’s single and works as a visual merchandizer. He’s never been intimate with a woman, yes he is a gold star gay. The first time he was with a guy was when he was 15, with a boy he ended up dating for 4 years. When we first noticed Alexandro on Instagram we were like OMG, that hair! — We wanted to run our hands through it and maybe pull it a little bit, if he let us do that. “Everyone knows me because of my hair…” Apparently he doesn’t do much to it, he just lets it be, “it’s pretty crazy,” he only puts a bit of hairspray on if he’s going to a party.


When it comes to men, he prefers strong men, men who are older than him, he’s ok with anyone 27 years and older — so if you fit the bill feel free to say hello — if you are younger than him, he’s not getting in bed with you. Alexandro goes to the gym about 3 times a week, looking at that body, that seems to be the right amount. His favorite part of a man is his smile and his hands — “I like well taken care of hands,” get that manicure before you take this boy on a date. His perfect date would be going to “a deserted beach during sunset, some cocktails, a towel…” All he needs is to see the sun. …

Friday 05.02.14

Hi, Alex

Alex is 25 years old, he grew up in Tucson, Arizona, he’s now living in Brooklyn, New York. Even though he was born in the states he considers himself Haitian. His father is from Haiti and his mother is from the Netherlands (by way of Curaçao). He studied Anthropology and Caribbean Studies and he’s currently working for a non-profit, “mostly doing historical research, community engagement, recording oral histories/ethnography.” He has a boyfriend who is “intelligent, driven, thoughtful and humble.” In a man Alex is also attracted to “a good chest and stomach — lips do it for me though…”  He’s open to any races when dating, but so far he’s only dated black and latinos.


The favorite part of his body is his chest, he told us that his nipples are “quite sensitive” and he loves his chest because it’s “big, well defined, perky. lol”  He always knew he was gay, “before I even realized there was a word for what I was feeling.” His first crush was his best friend in grade school, “I would always get jealous when girls would hug him and he’d give me a handshake.” An ideal date for Alex would be going to a “dope bar — not too loud or crazy, just laid back, good drinks, good convo, good music — that’s all I need.” His go to cocktail is a bourbon, on the rocks.


Alex doesn’t have any real beauty routines, “I’m pretty simple. I wash my face, shave/trim, brush my hair  — always try and keep it fresh and simple.” He tries to work out 3 times a week, “sometimes more, sometimes less…”  When it’s time for him to go to bed he wears briefs, except in the Summer time, he wears just his bedsheets. …

Monday 04.21.14

Hi, Ivan Scott

Ivan is a 23 year old boy who was born in Portugal. He moved to London when he was 7-year-old and that’s where he lives now. Most people call him Ivan but some friends call him Scott, which is his middle name. He just finished an acting course, so he’s hoping to be an actor/model in the future, but for now he’s working in retail.


He’s bisexual, which he first discovered when he was 14, “I had feelings for a mate of mine, a straight mate ha, however I have managed to get a kiss out of him…the kiss happened when we were playing on a Playstation and fight playing, then it just happened.” Around then, he also dated 3 sisters, one after the other, “I was a bit of a playa lol.” He lost his viriginity when he was 18 “it was with an American guy from New York…it was amazing I remember every detail…”


He told us about coming out as a bisexual: “there was a point in my life when I was 19, and I felt I couldn’t be myself and couldn’t enjoy myself the way I wanted to, so I told my family and closest friends about it — if ever asked I wouldn’t have a problem saying it!”  The type of man he likes is “dark haired, masculine, not too muscly but defined, nice eyes and smile — a hot latino always catches my eye…” When it comes to girls “I prefer brunettes with a nice body (good bum), shorter than me…”


Even though he likes both boys and girls when it comes to sex: “to be completely honest I’d say with a man there’s more to explore…I think with girls it’s just a sexual attraction, with guys it’s different, I could fall in love with a guy.” He mentioned to us that he’s really into Cocky Boy‘s Jake Bass, “the things I would do to him! …